DCS: BlackShark English Manual now available

The English PDF manuals for the DCS:Blackshark combat chopper simulator is now available HERE. (It requires a free registration)
DCS blackshark manual

The flight manual is 385 pages of text, diagrams and color photos, and teaches you all the detail about the KA-50 systems, including avionics, comms and the ABRIS Moving Map/GPS system. It contains checklists for practicing those cold ramp starts, and some basic operating procedures.

The User Interface (GUI) manual is 162 pages, and teaches you about the mission editor and the new pilot logbook.

What are you waiting for?

2 thoughts on “DCS: BlackShark English Manual now available

  1. Hi guys! If you wanted it printed… go on ebay . com and searh for “Black Shark flight manual” without quotes.

    I found one over there… ;)

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