DCS:UH-1 Huey now available for pre-purchase!

The helicopter simulation of the UH-1 Huey for the DCS series has been released. It was created by the company Belsimtek in partnership with Eagle Dynamics. It is a “study sim”, with a fully clickable cockpit and an advanced flight model. You can “pre-purchase” the sim for $49.99 USD, which means you can pay to gain access to the Beta, as well as own the release when it is finished. It requires downloading the DCS World product, which is common base for all DCS sim aircraft (think of it like an Operating System for sims).

Eagle Dynamics forum press release.

the DCS:UH-1 Huey helicopter at dusk

Key Features of “DCS:UH-1 Huey”

  • Unmatched flight physics providing the most realistic and dynamic conventional helicopter experience on the PC.
  • Multiple player positions, including pilot, co-pilot, and door gunner.
  • Accurate and highly detailed 3D cockpit featuring six-degrees-of-freedom technology.
  • Interactive cockpit controls that allow you to operate the systems using the mouse.
  • Realistic modelling of the UH-1H instruments, weapons, engine, radios, fuel, electrical, and hydraulic systems.
  • Highly detailed UH-1H external 3D model, liveries, and weapons.
  • Accurate and engaging audio environment based on actual UH-1H sound recordings.
  • Missions that include transport and combat support operations.
  • Training that includes interactive and video lessons.
  • Multiplayer coop mode for crew members of the same helicopter under development for a later update.
  • Developed in close cooperation with real UH-1H operators.

For more details on the modeling, check out the product page here.

You can buy the simulator here.

Let us know if you buy it, and tell us what you think! I’m pretty excited to try it, once I get a faster computer.

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