DCS:UH-1 Huey now available for pre-purchase!

The helicopter simulation of the UH-1 Huey for the DCS series has been released. It was created by the company Belsimtek in partnership with Eagle Dynamics. It is a “study sim”, with a fully clickable cockpit and an advanced flight model. You can “pre-purchase” the sim for $49.99 USD, which means you can pay to gain access to the Beta, as well as own the release when it is finished. It requires downloading the DCS World product, which is common base for all DCS sim aircraft (think of it like an Operating System for sims).

Eagle Dynamics forum press release.

the DCS:UH-1 Huey helicopter at dusk

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EECH Mi-24 Hind Clickable Cockpit video

Thealx over at SIMHQ has found a way to provide clickable cockpits in Enemy Engaged!

It is not released yet, but gives hope for even more depth to the Enemy Engaged simulator. If you haven’t tried Enemy Engaged yet, head over to gog.com and pick it up for about $6. Enemy Engaged is one of the few sims that has a dynamic campaign.

The thread in SIMHQ forums

10 Ways to Improve your Situational Awareness

Increasing your situational awareness when flying in a combat zone can have immediate impact on the result of your missions and on your chances of returning to home base without an embarrassing search-and-rescue operation. Here are some tips on how to improve your chances to achieve that euphoric feeling of setting down on the runway after a well-executed mission.

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Should Arma 3 be a Steam exclusive?

Rock, Paper, Shotgun chats with Arma 3 project lead Joris-Jan van ‘t Land.

“Most of the reasoning is covered in our development blog. To sum it up: we took an honest look at where we were, weighed up all of our options, and decided on this as the best way forward for Arma 3. I believe it’s important to keep in mind that any benefit to us as developer, should be a benefit to players. Making the setup process smoother, having updates be more frequent and distributed quicker, being able to deliver mods and other user-generated content easier, and freeing up time for us to support important things like the SDK. They will all unlock Arma 3?s potential and longevity. The requirement from ourselves to release in 2013 is not just a business decision; this is important for the team as well. You cannot keep a team motivated for years and it’s hard to keep the technology state-of-the-art.”

Czech Out: Bohemia Talk Arma 3 Alpha | Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

Arma 3 cockpit

What do you think about Arma 3 being a Steam exclusive?