Site News – IE layout problem fix, WordPress tips

I discovered today that there was a bit of an IE layout problem (tested with IE 6), related to an image that was too large, which forced the right-hand menu to the bottom of the page, but looked fine in Firefox. Let me know if you see any layout issues, and I will fix them promptly. Thanks

If you have your own WordPress blog, you should also watch for unclosed tags which can cause a similar layout issue. I’ve turned off auto-formatting, which can break youtube video tags. The solution is discussed here.

I’m still looking for a WordPress plugin that simplifies adding YouTube videos in the New Post editor. A single button would be excellent, similar to the way BBCode works in PHPbb.
UPDATE: found one: smart-youtube
Here’s how you use it.

Let me know if you have any other cool WordPress plugins that you think the site could benefit from.

Looking forward to seeing some user posts! (Email me with any concerns that you have)

Webmaster Ross

DCS – Producer’s Note 1 – startup

DCS Producer ‘Matt Wagner’ has been posting video previews of the KA-50 Blackshark simulator that is due to be released this year (2008).
This first video is the startup video, which showcases the insane level of detail in the avionics system.

Part 1:

Part 2:

The hi-res single-file 433MB downloadable video is available here (free registration required):
DCS file downloads

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