DCS: A10C – Producer’s Note 2 – Start up

The second producer note for DCS: A-10C Warthog. This note focuses on the start up procedure of the A-10C attack jet.


Notes: Please note that this note is based on Alpha code and far from complete. We feel it better to release such videos now based on pre-release code than wait until the game is about done. Video was recorded at 30 FPS at 1280×720 using internal AVI tool. No post-processing was used. Sorry, mouse cursor could not be recorded. High Dynamic Range (HDR) can be enabled/disabled by users. While the start up procedure is works for me, I'm sure users will find a flow that works better for them. This note takes place at a work-in-progress version of the new Nevada (Nellis AFB) terrain. We wanted to give you a little preview of this new terrain even though it is incomplete. No noise map yet and some issues with close range shadows.

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ARMA 2 – Full HD ingame trailer (Nov 08)

We had to re-upload this video trailer due to a requirements of ESRB agency (rating descriptor added). First ARMA 2 ingame trailer in HD, originaly released in November 2008.
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