10 Ways to Improve your Situational Awareness

Increasing your situational awareness when flying in a combat zone can have immediate impact on the result of your missions and on your chances of returning to home base without an embarrassing search-and-rescue operation. Here are some tips on how to improve your chances to achieve that euphoric feeling of setting down on the runway after a well-executed mission.

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SAAB Gripen NG video

I’ve always liked this Swedish Gripen fighter — I think its the look of the delta wing. It is a multi-role aircraft and can land on roads or snow-covered landing strips of only 800-metres in length. Another interesting fact is that they actually release the source code for the onboard software to the operators (written in ADA).

I just found out that SAAB make great videos. The story and acting are a little cheesy, but I applaud them for trying and overall it is fun to watch.

Do you think it is a waste of time for SAAB to make high-quality videos on youtube, since most the peeps that see it won’t actually buy one?

Getting Prepared series – DCS:UH-1 Huey

Recently Eagle Dynamics have opened up their DCS: World sim platform to 3rd party developers. One of the many new study sims to be released soon will be the UH-1 Huey helicopter. DCS:UH-1 will be developed by a company called Belsimtek, based out of Belarus, Russia.
Here is the Press Release.

DCS:UH-1 Huey desktop photo

One of the exciting things about this project is that it will (hopefully) be the first DCS aircraft to support multiple crew positions!!
“Switching seats works and it’s possible to fly or shoot from the pilot or copilot position, as well as aim and shoot the M-60s as a door gunner. There are some simple “autopilot” modes available so the player can hand off control to the AI copilot. Currently there is no other crew AI functionality, but we expect this will be developed as we move ahead.”
EvilBivol-1 post

They would also like to add sling-load functionality.
“We’ve added a new trigger in the ME that allows us to change the cargo weight of a unit. This way we can change the helicopter weight in real-time during the mission to simulate loading/unloading of cargo. There is not yet a sling load capability, though as I’ve said it is something we believe we will be able to make in the final product.”
EvilBivol-1 post

This is the first in a series of posts dedicated to helping you, the sim pilot, prepare and get trained for flying these new beasts.

Getting Yourself Prepared for DCS:UH-1

The first guide that I would recommend is the Army UH-1 Huey Operators Manual (PDF).

Cockpit Familiarization

UH-1 cockpit layout excerpt from manual
UH-1 controls excerpt from manual
hoist controls
UH-1 hoist controls excerpt from manual

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Lockon: “Flaming Cliffs 2″ released

The english download version of Lockon: Flaming Cliffs is now available for $29.99.


  • Runs under DirectX 9C
  • Improved Mission Editor with trigger system
  • New terrain area to include much of Georgia. This will be same map as used in DCS: Blacks Shark. As such the Crimea has been replaced with the addition of Georgia.
  • More detailed terrain to include more ground objects, larger forests, and higher resolution elevation data
  • Improved clouds
  • High resolution airfield textures
  • Improved multiplayer system with embedded game browser
  • More robust online cheating prevention
  • New and improved menu system
  • Numerous new, highly detailed ground units including infantry
  • More accurate flight data that controls flight performance of player-controlled aircraft. This is true for both Russian and U.S. aircraft.
  • Improved flight models for all artificial intelligence (AI) controlled aircraft
  • New, more realistic G-tolerance modeling
  • Limited 6 DOF cockpits that move up, down and sideways according to maneuvering
  • Heads Up Dispay (HUD) now modeled as collimated and focused to infinity for all player-controlled aircraft.
  • New and highly-detailed Su-25 model
  • Advanced ballistics are implemented for all flyable aircraft, including ricochets of AP rounds
  • F-15C locked target IFF indication
  • More realistic ranges, seeker guidance and fuzes for air-to-air missiles
  • More realistic electronic countermeasure operation and performance
  • New and improved sound engine
  • New radio message voice-overs

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