EECH – apache avionics update coming

In the SimHQ forums, master-EECH-modder Arneh says:

“I’m in the process of updating the Apache’s avionics to make them more realistic. I’ve found quite a bit of information about how they work in the real Longbow, and I’m trying to implement as much of it as possible in EECH. Among the things is that all four of the Longbow’s radar modes will be modelled, and the exact procedures for firing Hellfires will be modelled.

This is going to make the Apache much more realistic, much more like a study sim. I realize that everyone may not want this, so I’m goint to introduce a new realism level, and only used the new avionics at the most realistic level, so that those who prefer the current avionics can continue to use them.

Much of how the Longbow is controlled is via the MFDs, and the push buttons around them. EECH doesn’t have clickable cockpits, but I’ve I’ve made the MFDs themselves clickable, so that you can simulate button presses by pressing the corresponding label inside the MFD. All of the MFD pages are being updated to have clickable labels, and a lot of new functionallity and new pages are being added.

Now this is of course a work in progress, and a lot of work remains. But just to give you an idea of about some of the new and updated pages, I’ve included some screenshots.

Here’s how the cockpit looks now. On the right MFD is the updated TSD page, and on the left is the radar in Terrain Profile Mode (TPM). TPM is a navigation mode for low visibillity and basically shows where it’s safe to fly.

The updated engine page. It has mostly the same information as the old one, but a little different layout, and with colors:

The new fuel page shows general fuel status, and also allows you to cross feed the engines from either tank, or transfer fuel between the tanks:

This is the radar in RMAP mode. It’s much like ground target mode, but it also shows the terrain (and possibly most useful the terrain shadow, so you know what parts are unknown and where enemy units may still be hiding):

The TSD in waypoint mode allows you to edit the route or waypoints, including adding new ones (by e.g. flying over them, or by lasing a point with TADS).

The ADF page controls the Apache’s radio navigation equipment, and allows you to navigate by radio beacons.

The check list page has checklists for various items.

I’ll continue to update this thread as I finish more of the avionics.”

Source: SimHQ EECH forums

ArmA2 – Mando Missle with Monacle

MMA Hellfires working in LOAL and LOBL modes together with the outstanding MMA AH64D custom HUD made by Defunkt. First a single Hellfire is fired in LOAL-DIR mode and few secs later another friendly unit transmitted a remote target which was locked on by the AH64 pilot and destroyed by the Hellfire already in flight. After that other enemy units are directly located by the Apache and destroyed by Hellfires fired in LOBL mode using monocle and onboard TV MFD.
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