Should Arma 3 be a Steam exclusive?

Rock, Paper, Shotgun chats with Arma 3 project lead Joris-Jan van ‘t Land.

“Most of the reasoning is covered in our development blog. To sum it up: we took an honest look at where we were, weighed up all of our options, and decided on this as the best way forward for Arma 3. I believe it’s important to keep in mind that any benefit to us as developer, should be a benefit to players. Making the setup process smoother, having updates be more frequent and distributed quicker, being able to deliver mods and other user-generated content easier, and freeing up time for us to support important things like the SDK. They will all unlock Arma 3?s potential and longevity. The requirement from ourselves to release in 2013 is not just a business decision; this is important for the team as well. You cannot keep a team motivated for years and it’s hard to keep the technology state-of-the-art.”

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Arma 3 cockpit

What do you think about Arma 3 being a Steam exclusive?

ARMA 2 – Full HD ingame trailer (Nov 08)

We had to re-upload this video trailer due to a requirements of ESRB agency (rating descriptor added). First ARMA 2 ingame trailer in HD, originaly released in November 2008.
More in

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Arma2: Arma2TS teamspeak integration

Sulu_03 writes:

Hello everybody!

I would like to introduce an addon that Le Culto and Johnson of the Blackwater France team have made:

The A2T!

————- What is it ?

It is an addon that allows Arma 2 to communicate with Teamspeak 3 to simulate realistic communications.

————- Here is the features list :

3D sound with everybody around you (friendly and ennemy)

Management of the power of voice (wishpering, talking, yelling)

Radio communications

short range and long range device
management of 300000 frequencies
realistic radio use (transmitting OR receiving, not both in the same time)

Possibilities of electronic warfare

possibilities of scanning frequencies

————- What you need :

1) Arma 2
2) Teamspeak 3 client for windows (64bits or 32bits)
3) ACE mod (for long range radio device)
4) A little patience to configure the 3 keys needed

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Arma2 – Caterpillar D7 Series

Aloha, and again some addons:

First some pictures:

Then a Video:

Dozillar – WIP Video

And now the text:

This little neat addon adds five (5) new Bulldozers to ArmA2. Three of them are the CAT D7H in different paintings and two of them are the CAT D7G Uparmored Version in two different paintings.
The caterpillars are actually capable of moving large objects like wrecks, cars and non-static stuff. Additionally the bulldozer-blade can be raised and lowered for better working with stuff.
Maybe even ACE2 would like to/be able to put some more funcionality into this addon. I’d appreciate it very much.

If you’re kinda fond of the "attachTo" command: Things can be attached to the front blade using the memory-point "BladePOS".




Credits go to as I was using large amounts of it’s textures. Additional Credits go to XT-19 and Freshman for helping me with the WIP-Video.

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Arma2 – JTD Flies

Adds flies to dead bodies. After between 2-5 minutes, flies will begin to gather around a body, increasing in density each 15 minutes or so, up to a maximum fly density. You can tell *very roughly* how long a body has been dead, and coupled with a suitable blood addon that simulates blood splatter (there are a few, ACE2 and SLX for example), you can perhaps work out what, where and even when something happened, in a very general and rough way :)

Also, it might allow you to find a body among severe clutter when you’re looking for one, for example when you’re out of ammo or something :)

Forgot to mention – there will be no flies if it rains OR if fog value exceeds 0.75. :) mirror
Download link.

Couple vids:

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Arma2 – BD1′s Combat Ambience

Hello all,

Some of you will have experienced some of the combat ambience sounds I have created from various sources and used in my missions, with comments like "that distant artillery just scared the living hell out of me..."

So I have decided to release these to you all. When making a mission…ambience is one of the most important factors and I feel many forget the impact that sight (or lack of), sounds, etc, have on our gaming experiences.

So please find attached 4 sounds for your enjoyment:

< SNIP (see full post for more details) >

Here is the download:…tAmbience.html

Armaholic mirror:
- BD1′s Combat Ambience

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