Getting Prepared series – DCS:UH-1 Huey

Recently Eagle Dynamics have opened up their DCS: World sim platform to 3rd party developers. One of the many new study sims to be released soon will be the UH-1 Huey helicopter. DCS:UH-1 will be developed by a company called Belsimtek, based out of Belarus, Russia.
Here is the Press Release.

DCS:UH-1 Huey desktop photo

One of the exciting things about this project is that it will (hopefully) be the first DCS aircraft to support multiple crew positions!!
“Switching seats works and it’s possible to fly or shoot from the pilot or copilot position, as well as aim and shoot the M-60s as a door gunner. There are some simple “autopilot” modes available so the player can hand off control to the AI copilot. Currently there is no other crew AI functionality, but we expect this will be developed as we move ahead.”
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They would also like to add sling-load functionality.
“We’ve added a new trigger in the ME that allows us to change the cargo weight of a unit. This way we can change the helicopter weight in real-time during the mission to simulate loading/unloading of cargo. There is not yet a sling load capability, though as I’ve said it is something we believe we will be able to make in the final product.”
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This is the first in a series of posts dedicated to helping you, the sim pilot, prepare and get trained for flying these new beasts.

Getting Yourself Prepared for DCS:UH-1

The first guide that I would recommend is the Army UH-1 Huey Operators Manual (PDF).

Cockpit Familiarization

UH-1 cockpit layout excerpt from manual
UH-1 controls excerpt from manual
hoist controls
UH-1 hoist controls excerpt from manual

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ArmA2 – Mando Missle with Monacle

MMA Hellfires working in LOAL and LOBL modes together with the outstanding MMA AH64D custom HUD made by Defunkt. First a single Hellfire is fired in LOAL-DIR mode and few secs later another friendly unit transmitted a remote target which was locked on by the AH64 pilot and destroyed by the Hellfire already in flight. After that other enemy units are directly located by the Apache and destroyed by Hellfires fired in LOBL mode using monocle and onboard TV MFD.
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Top 10 Tactics for Simulated Helicopter Combat

The following are a few tactics that you can use in your combat simulator of choice, which will improve your survivability in helicopter combat.

    taji  15 AUG 07 Apaches
    (photo by The US Army)
  1. Keep your spacing – in multi-ship missions, allow space between aircraft, so as to allow all aircraft room to maneuver without risking collision or restriction of defensive weapon deployment.
  2. Share the Workload – when flying with human wingmen, the lead chopper should handle navigation, and the others should be watching for targets, or SAM launches.
  3. Don’t overfly dead targets – You may think you got them all, but if you’re wrong, they will be hiding in the smoke and will get you. It’s just not worth the risk. Take the extra time to fly a wide arc around them.
  4. AH-1S helicopter
    (photo by delta16v)

  5. Turn as you fly – whether climbing, descending or staying level, make continuous turns as this helps to avoid blind spots, where enemies could be seen, which will give you the upper hand.
  6. Lighten your load ASAP – as soon as your weapons are out, or your external tanks are empty, jettison them. This will make you more agile for making defensive maneuvers, and your engines will not have to work as hard.
  7. Get in and get out – be as quick as possible in completing your mission. Who knows when enemy fighters or attack helicopters may appear.
  8. Stay low and keep moving – sitting still makes you an easy target for tanks and other ground forces. Hovering in place also increases your chances of entering a Vortex Ring state. Keeping low can help you stay undetected because of terrain and other obstacles. Stay NOE (nap of the Earth) as much as possible and keep moving. When traveling through valleys, try to stay part-way up the valley wall, because there is shadow, and the enemy will be looking at the very bottom.
  9. Avoid overflying population centers – stay away from towns, villages and cities, because enemy civilians or soldiers could have a radio/cell phone and alert enemy forces. (I assume mission builders will be scripting this with triggers in the Blackshark mission editor)
  10. Attack from a distance – use your weapons from standoff range. Distance is your best defense. Don’t think that you have to fly right into the fray. Ignore those juicy targets, and stick to your mission goals only.
  11. Plan ahead – What do we do if attacked by fighters? Where are our friendly support units? Where are our ingress and egress points? And lastly, practice you BFMs (Basic Flight Maneuvers) until they become second nature.
  12. iraq
    (photo by The US Army)