EECH Mi-24 Hind Clickable Cockpit video

Thealx over at SIMHQ has found a way to provide clickable cockpits in Enemy Engaged!

It is not released yet, but gives hope for even more depth to the Enemy Engaged simulator. If you haven’t tried Enemy Engaged yet, head over to and pick it up for about $6. Enemy Engaged is one of the few sims that has a dynamic campaign.

The thread in SIMHQ forums

EECH 1.11 Released

Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs Hokum version 1.11 has been released. You can get it here.

Feature Summary

  • 3D Hind helicopter cockpit with full realistic startup
  • suspension physics modeling for main helicopters
  • fixed to use realistic rate of fire for all weapons
  • increased terrain texture details

SimHQ has a longer article about the release here.

EECH – Hind cockpit startup video

This is a video preview of the work that Arneh has been doing in the Enemy Engaged chopper sim. It is the startup procedure in his work-in-progress Mi-24V Hind pilot cockpit.

I love how realistically cluttered the external view is, and how much painstaking detail he added, like the working indicator lights, APU levers, twist throttle, working fan, etc.

You can follow the progress of this next patch at the SimHQ EECH forums.