DCS World 1.2.3 Patch Released

The long awaited 1.2.3 patch for DCS World has been released.

Here is the original announcement.

Lots of cools stuff, but the biggest features IMO are the ability to set waypoints and targets for air units via the F10 command map, and the fixes for the network/multiplayer code.

New Features:

DCS World

  • Added new Su-27 model. More skins will be added later.
  • Added new Mission Editor trigger rule – Bomb in Zone.
  • New mission editor skin. Incomplete work in progress.
  • Helicopters will better maneuver against AAA maneuvering when in the threat area.
  • Added new Mission Editor trigger rule – Expression.
  • Scripting Engine: Fixed outText and outSound for Coalition and Group.
  • Scripting Engine: Added “Mission” Task for ground groups.
  • Scripting Engine: Added Unit.getFuel function.
  • Mission Editor UI for group variation placement tool added, not functional yet.
  • New skins for F-15C and MiG-31.
  • Model LODs have been better optimized.

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